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I'm a 70-ish years old family man, father, and grandfather whose family has always supported my photography and have encouraged me to make my images more widely available.

I've been around cameras, film, dark rooms, and most recently digital photography for over 60 years. Photography has been an essential part of me and has preserved the thread of my life and of those who are dear to me.

My first exposure to photography was in the late 50s, as an Army Brat in Wainwright, Alberta. My father had joined the Canadian Army after his time in the British SAS in the Second World War and we had emigrated to Canada. In the small married quarter patch in Wainwright, a family acquaintance gave us a complete darkroom set – all the equipment, trays, chemicals and paper – so with a makeshift darkroom in the basement I was set on the photography path.

I joined the Canadian Army when I was 17 and became a Combat Engineer officer. My 29-year career saw experiences across Canada, and in Norway, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Cyprus – all recorded using a diverse range of cameras and films.

Through it all I increased my appreciation and love for this wonderful country of Canada, with all that it offers – from east to west and from south to north. I had the very personal and unforgettable experience in 1983 of parachuting in near the North Pole with engineer heavy equipment to build an ice runway for C130 Hercules aircraft. After retiring from the Army I continued in service to Canada as a provincial and federal civil servant. I am also intrigued by aspects of military history.

I have compiled an extensive library and written initial drafts on several topics: technological advances during the American Civil War; the mysterious experimental aircraft carrier constructed of ice (Project Habakkuk) in Jasper Alberta during WWII; and the design and construction of the Diefenbunker in Ottawa Ontario.

Photographic technology has changed in a quantum sense in the past few years, but the underlying theme of photography has not– it gives me a figurative and literal lens and medium to capture and preserve life memories.

I've gathered here my first galleries of blossoms, monochrome photos, and portfolio photos from recent years, and am adding images and new galleries regularly. I seek to capture and display colours, textures, shapes and nature’s marvels. Perhaps you will also see a story in these images.

Please browse my photos and if you choose, comment individual images through the small menu at the bottom of each page.

Feel free to email me through the Contact page - it asks for your email address, but be assured it remains with me and will not be shared elsewhere.

Hope you enjoy the visit,

Dave Noble

Noble Resolutions

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